Modern Bookkeeping For Creative Entrepreneurs

Helping business owners go from unsure to unstoppable by knowing their numbers.



When’s the last time you felt peace about your business finances?


You didn’t start your creative biz to spend more time stressing about money. 

Wouldn't it be amazing to have someone in your corner to help you make sense of your business finances?

That’s where we come in.

We help creative CEOs like you become more confident, more profitable, and way less stressed with 1:1 bookkeeping services.

Ready to take back your time & peace of mind?


Bookkeeping has to be done. 

(But you don’t have to be the one doing it.)

Growing a business is hard. Managing your finances doesn’t have to be.

Get back to doing what you love and leave the numbers to me.


Bookkeeping gives you clarity. 

(And may even help you sleep better at night.)

No more…

  • Using your bank account balance to guesstimate how much money you made that month.
  • Spending hours trying to figure it out yourself only to worry about doing it wrong.
  • Panicking at tax time because you don’t have enough saved. (Or forgetting quarterly taxes all together!)
  • Wondering what your next money move should be.
  • Feeling out of control of your business finances.

With monthly bookkeeping, you know exactly what’s coming in and going out so you can make smarter decisions & increase profit.

I'm interested. Tell me more!

"I didn’t realize how much mental space I was giving to the financial side of my business. I was thinking about it without even realizing it and I was always stressed about it. Now, I feel so much more productive because I don’t have to worry about if I’m taking care of my numbers correctly. Having you and your expertise on my side has brought me so much relief. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can focus more on the creative side of my business. This is the most important investment I’ve made in my business."

-Morgan Sandlin, Native Brush Design 

It's more than "just" monthly bookkeeping!

Clear, Simple Reporting

Getting easy-to-read reports delivered to your inbox every month makes knowing your numbers easier than keeping up with the IG algorithm.

1:1 Voxer Support 

We're always available for quick questions, sharing wins (my favorite!), and personal support. It’s like having a bookkeeper in your back pocket!

Quarterly Review Calls

We’ll never leave you hanging. In addition to Voxer chats and monthly emails, we’ll get face-to-face (ish) 4x per year to check in on your goals.

Knowing your numbers is empowering.


Knowledge is power, after all. When you see the numbers clearly, you make profit-driven decisions, and act like the CEO you are. And that feels good.

So whether you want bookkeeping off your plate (with a side of 1:1 support) or need a DIY option for now, we’ve got you covered!

Monthly 1:1 Bookkeeping Services

Done-for-you bookkeeping takes the task off your to-do list while making your numbers easy to understand so you can increase profitability and confidently plan for the future.

Do it for me!

DIY No Stress Money Manager

This easy-to-use template takes the guesswork out of DIY bookkeeping. No complicated (and expensive!) accounting software required.

I'll do it myself!

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