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"I have a ways to go and probably a ton more questions to ask, but overall, I love getting a report each month with a breakdown of my numbers and seeing what our most profitable package is. It gives me hope to plan for some exciting additions in the future.

As far as a positive life change, I love knowing that someone is looking over the numbers and it doesn't all fall on me."

-Victoria, Brandwell Designs

"Working with LoriAnn I always know that I have a professional in my court, helping me along the way. Each month I have LoriAnn's guidance in knowing that I am doing things either correctly or totally wrong - and she helps me know that. (She also) connected me to an accountant who specializes in small business - and works alongside her, they're a dream team."

-Anna Rasmussen,  Anna Grace Photography

"Coming out of my last experience with a bookkeeper, I felt tremendous anxiety about numbers, finances and how to organize all of that. I didn't have any idea how to manage what I was making, or how the flow worked from month to month. I also was very confused about business vs personal expenses and was always anxious that I was doing it wrong.

After working together, I have so much more confidence and understanding about the financial side of my business, and it's helped me organize the front end so that my offers and launches align with what I really need/want. I feel confident in how my money flows and I don't feel any anxiety around expenses anymore, or what I need to do to keep the flow going."

-Gabrielle Ortega, Om Therapy Coaching

"I am a relatively new business. I was at the point where I couldn't tell if I needed professional bookkeeping, but when I thought about the transfer of information that will occur when tax season arrives, I knew that it was the right decision. I like being able to have a dialogue about big and small stuff. Loriann and her team is just an email (or Voxer) away. If I didn't have them on my team, then I would be on an island alone. I trust their advice. I feel challenged to become more educated about finances. (Their team is) making me a better business woman."

Amy Etz Design

"I am more confident in my numbers and have spent waaaaay less money because I actually know what I'm making and spending. This has been SUPER helpful as I've been on maternity leave and my business has had expenses and no income. I've been able to better manage my money! While having a bookkeeper is an investment in your business, it will actually save you money in the long run!"

Sarah Yates, Sarah Yates Photo

"I wish I could tell everyone how important and how much this has helped me and my business. I wish I would have started sooner. I think as an entrepreneur we feel like we should save them money and do it all ourselves but honestly that just hurts our business. Hiring (LoriAnn) has freed up so much time and has also allowed me to actually do more business because of it! It has given me focus to put time and effort into the things I love and bring in more money."

Emily Hedrick, Branch & Vine Photography & TogetHER


"LoriAnn has been an amazing addition to our team, she relieved all of the stress and overwhelm from our plate and held my hand through the entire process! She is so kind and personable and our calls were always fun as well as productive. We're looking forward to continuing to work with her and I'll definitely be referring her to others in the future!"

-Jake, Ethnotek Bags

"I'm honestly SO much less stressed (since working with LoriAnn). I spend less time in my books which I think is a huge factor - not the DOING but less BEING in there and stressing about every little thing.

I absolutely (recommend working with LoriAnn), because of the quick communication and honesty and attention to detail.

-Lauren, Brand Good Time

"When I started my business, I honestly had no idea if I'd have enough money coming in every month consistently, it weighed me down a lot and felt like it was sort of out of control. Since I started working with LoriAnn, I feel so much more confident in how my monthly income comes in and what types of projects and client work net the best result for me. In life terms, it's just such a relief not to have to deal with the number crunching! It lets me focus on being creative and that weight off my mind has been such a blessing."

-Kelly Etz, Ketz Design 

 "Since working with LoriAnn there has been so much less stress on the financial end of my business! I feel very organized and confident how things are now running that I am able to focus on what I really love. 

I feel like the biggest win has been adding back hours of my personal time, also having a clear overall picture of how things are going! I know what areas are best to focus on and what I need to prioritize. The only hesitation I have in outsourcing was the financial investment-but it has been SO worth it!" 

-Natalie Barney, Caruso Creative

"Where to begin... the numbers part of running this business have always felt like the most foreign and intimidating component of the job. It was a constant balancing act of knowing how critical it is to stay on top of my bookkeeping to understand cash flow, profitability, and better plan and nurture growth for my business - but simultaneously dreading figuring out everything on my own. Now instead of getting a pit in my stomach each time quarterly taxes are due, I can rest easy knowing everything is in good shape. I actually get excited to receive my monthly bookkeeping reports because it's so easy to see where things are at (and celebrate financial growth and wins!) Now I have a team that I can consult when I have money questions and feel so much more confident planning for my business' future.

From day one you have helped improve my own confidence and understanding of my business finances, and you make the bookkeeping process so easy/clean/straightforward. What used to be a source of stress and anxiety is now a breeze."

-Erica, Field Supply Floral

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