Episode 2: Financial Foundations You Need For Your Creative Business

podcast Oct 21, 2022

Welcome back to Profit Priority. Today’s episode is all about creating a financial foundation for your creative business. You may think it’s impossible to pursue your own dreams while making a living, but the reality is that it’s actually possible! During the podcast, I talk about the financial foundations for starting your business, the importance of separate bank accounts, the power and protection of an LLC, and the protection you get when you have a budget. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • What is an LLC?  [2:15]
  • Who I recommend for banking and business credit cards [4:05]
  • The types of bank account you need [4: 46]
  • Protect yourself with a budget [8:00]
  • Prioritize time for bookkeeping [10:17]
  • Keep track of receipts [11:51]
  • Have a system to pay yourself [13:35]

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