Doing your own bookkeeping doesn't have to suck...

Modern DIY Bookkeeping For Solopreneuers


Does DIY bookkeeping leave you feeling frazzled?

  • Tired of spending hours on Google trying to figure out how to be your own bookkeeper?
  • Sick of feeling like you're always forgetting something & wondering if you're doing things right
  • Frustrated by complicated (and expensive!) accounting software that’s more confusing than helpful?
  • Overwhelmed by it all & tempted to put it off another week? Another month?
Managing your money doesn’t have to be pull-your-hair-out stressful.
Make DIY easy for me!

Introducing: The No Stress Money Manager


Go from procrastination to profit with this easy-to-use smart template designed for busy online business owners.

Created by a bookkeeper (me!) to give entrepreneurs like you everything you need and nothing you don’t to DIY your books. 

Now you can spend time on the creative side of your business instead of endlessly tinkering with spreadsheets that don’t show you the big picture or wasting hours wading through complicated accounting software.

Visual Graphic Reporting

Everything’s easier when you can see it, right? Automated graphs make it easy to see your business’s numbers holistically.

Self Calculated Profit + Loss

You’ll never have to guess how much is coming in or going out. See your profit and loss set up simply. (Oh, and there’s no math required!)

Goal Tracker + Tax Savings

A self-calculating tax reminder makes it easy to save for taxes.Select the percentage you want to save and the rest is done for you.

Get off Google and get back doing what you love (& what makes you money.)


 I purchased your product and WOW what a breath of fresh air!

Knowing your numbers is essential & empowering.

Bookkeeping doesn’t have to be hard. And you don’t have to pay a hefty subscription fee for complex accounting software, either.

You can…

  • Feel confident in your financial decisions & excited by your numbers.
  • Visualize your business finances and intentionally plan for the future.
  • Invest wisely instead of wondering what you can afford.
  • Pay yourself the amount you need for the life you want. (+ pay yourself first!)
  • See profit increases because you know what’s really bringing in money.

And you can Do It Yourself.

I want this!

"Just wanted to take the time to say: it’s AMAZING! I had created a spreadsheet of my own (which was okay) but THIS is exactly what I wanted and needed."


Ditch the DIY overwhelm with a modern bookkeeping template built for online business owners like you. 

No-Stress Money Manager


Here's what's included with the Google Sheets template:

  • Self calculated profit + loss
  • Visual reporting
  • Goal tracker
  • Suggested tax savings
  • Customizable chart of accounts
  • Walk through videos
  • NEW: Mileage Tracker
  • Additional FREE Resources!

Is handling your own books not your jam?

Let me crunch the numbers so you can focus on the profit producing side of your business.

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